Traveller's Vox: Valentine's Day

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Feb 2017

My Magical Myanmar asked travelers in Yangon and Bagan how they plan to spend February 14th this year.



Jaokim Skjefstad


I’m not in a relationship and on February 14th I will be finishing a ten-day silent meditation course in Mandalay. I think I will be super hungry-not only for food but also for conversation. I’ve come here having formed a strong attraction to visit Myanmar after seeing Samsara, a documentary film about the wonders of the world.  I like dancing too so I hope to find somewhere to dance!


Elise Lambert

On Valentine's Day my boyfriend and I will be travelling in Laos. Frankly we don’t care much about Valentine’s Day. We think it’s kind of commercial so we don’t really celebrate it. Because we’re travelling for so long we don’t look at the calendar and we’re likely to forget it’s even a special day! Travelling in Myanmar as a couple has been very interesting. You feel this land is quite conservative.

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