Golden Peacock Circus

Feb 2017

A thin muscular Ethiopian performer named Kya, age 20, positions his hands and feet within a giant hula-hoop like Leonardo DaVinci’s Versuvian Man and astonishes the Burmese audience by spinning in rotating circles of perfect harmony with the live electric guitar accompaniment. In another act, 20 year-old French tight rope artist named Francoise balances his entire weight with one hand gripping the cable that stretches across the arena, as a spontaneous round of applause breaks out from the families.
December 22 marked the last show for what’s now being called the Golden Peacock Circus at the Thaketa location, ending a two-month run in which the international circus troupe performed in 55 shows for tickets prices starting at 6,000 kyats.

After making a film about Bruno Loyale, a man who runs a circus troupe headquartered in Samoa which cruises on special circus ships across the South Pacific, Regis joined Bruno in conversation about possibly having a circus in Myanmar.

International circus performers delight Myanmar families

In early 2015, Regis and his wife Pascale came to Yangon to see if they could get a circus underway.  They were able to ship the circus tent from France and attract a number of truly international performers — all of whom love being in Myanmar and look forward to big success at the new location in People’s Park.

Now with a new partner, Boris Granges of Switzerland, who has various businesses in Myanmar including the Planteur Restaurant, Regis sees a big chance to keep the performers employed and to keep Myanmar families
entertained at People’s Park. “My original goal was to move the circus all around Myanmar, in all the towns north and south. So for the moment, we are going to start again in January in Yangon, and if it works well, we will travel all around Myanmar.”

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