People of the Beach: Maungmagan

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By Marie Starr
Dec 2016

Maungmagan Beach is located a 30 minute drive away from the city of Dawei in Tanintharyi Division. It is a long stretch of picturesque coastline with pine trees and rolling hills forming the backdrop to the white sand beach. Arriving at the beach at dawn, the sky blushes pink as local fishing families haul in their catch. Kids run and play among wooden boats adorned with colourful flags.


Generations work on fishing boats together.


Fishing village 40 mins walk south of Maungmagan.


At dawn the beach is a place of peace and solace.


Local kid plays along the beach.


Fishermen work at night returning at 4am.


Fishing boats are adorned with colourful flags


Kids of fishing families play along the beach.


Maungmagan is calmer than other beaches in Myanmar.

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