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Feb 2016

In Myanmar language –
Ohn No          – Coconut Milk
Khao Swae     – Noodle

Nice thin yellow egg noodles or wheat noodles are prepared with the chicken coconut soup. It is serving with crispy noodles, slices of fried fish cakes, fresh sliced onions and a piece of lime.

It’s one of the popular noodles dishes in Myanmar and very unique in South East Asia. It might be similar to the Laksaor Ching Mai noodles. However Ohn No KhaoSwae is not rich with coconut milk as well as a chickpea mixture give the delicate flavours to the soup.

I have used less coconut whenever I am making the soup. So everyone can enjoy more serving without worrying their high blood pressure in humid and hot weather.

The secret of my chicken stock, rich in the flavours, is boiling the chicken feet longer in a soup. All the bones are fallen off and jelly like stock were formed.

Here are step by step to cook. Chicken stock can be made at any time and freeze them. Chicken curry can be frozen after cooking. So you can make the soup at any time you like.

16 – 18 servings For Stock to make soup

2 whole Chicken bones.
4 Chicken wings.
8Chicken feet.
3 cloves of garlic (peeled and crushed).
1 piece of half of thumb sized ginger (peeled and crushed/ broze)
(If yields nearly 4 ½ liter of stock).

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