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Bamboo World Garden: An unusual restaurant in Pyay


This recently opened restaurant is catching the food lover’s attention with its unique and special decoration. The name of the restaurant is ‘Bamboo World Garden’ and opened just before Tazaungdaing Festival, one of Myanmar’s seasonal festivals.The decoration of the restaurant is mainly made of wood and bamboo.As the restaurant, run by three siblings, is in the compound where cashew trees are grown and the customers will get a taste of tranquility. The unique thing at the restaurant is that the food is not served in plates as in other restaurants but on leaves on bamboo raffia plates. Pyay, a city in Bago Region 260 km north-west of Yagon, has a plentiful supply of leaves for use in serving food.

The road is under repair so that customers won’t be bothered by the difficulties with infrastructure, said Ma Aye Thandar San, one of the owners.“We have been preparing the restaurant for one year. We hesitate to describe the complete address since we have not finished preparing roads. We don’t want to give trouble to the customers in getting here,” she said.Regional foods, seasonal vegetable salads, Burmese chicken curry and pure milk all without chemical seasoning are served and cooked with only vegetable oil.

Customers will feel like they are enjoying homemade food because the dishes are prepared by family members of the restaurant owners.Even though this restaurant was opened recently, it quickly gained the interest of customers because of its unusual decoration which is not intentionally designed for its uniqueness but for lowering the cost, Ma Aya Thadar San said.          “We are not intentionally making our restaurant unusual by serving food on leaves but Pyay has plenty. If plates are used, then there are risks of breakages. But not the leaves,” she chuckles. 

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