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Makyikan Village: the Village of Tamarinds

Photo - Theingi

There is a village where those who are tired of the restless urban life can go visit and have the pleasure of learning the tradition of Anyar – upper Myanmar. It is called Makyikan Village – Tamarind Lake Village – situated near the city of Sale, Magway Division about 20 minute-drive away from the city of Chauk. Community-based tourism was implemented in this village in 2016. The village is home to 120 households and has a population of over 400.The village's main revenue is agriculture and the community-based tourism implemented helps the residents by offering job opportunities. Being remote and far from urban areas, honest hospitality, traditions of Anyar which still remain unchanged will make visitors feel welcome.

There are three recently built traditional houses and two repaired ones for visitors. Having built in spacious compound surrounded by giant tamarind trees, even the hot weather of Anyar can’t harm the pleasure of staying there. Despite being an Anyar-style traditional house, flush toilets and showers in the bathroom will make you feel comfortable. Since five guests can stay together in each house, it is convenient for groups of friends.

Regarding food, visitors can have delicious traditional food prepared with fresh vegetables, meat and fish.

Visitors can have good time wandering through the whole village, learning the lifestyle and farming traditions or riding the oxen carts. Moreover going to the brick-making sites, in nearby villages, Sale Yokesone Monastery in Sale, Shin Bin Maha Laba Man Temple are great places to visits. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the Ayarwaddy River. If visitors want to enjoy the musical performances and dance, the authorities will arrange it to make the day perfect.

Even though there were very few visitors until CBT implemented the project. Now there is a rise in the of number of visitors. The CBT project is expected to bring job opportunities and higher living standards for local residents. There are different prices for foreigners and locals.

If you are interested to visit Makyikan Village, you can call these number for information: 09795555402, 09252380344. For those who want to come from Yangon, there are buses that go straight to Chauk. It is better to ride the night bus to have more time to visit. You will arrive Chauk early in the morning. There are buses and motorbikes to get to the village. Since Chauk is not far from the famous ancient Bagan, you can also visit Bagan on a trip to this area.

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