Photo - Phyo Thiha , Photo Caption - A trishaw trip may be a great alternative to traditional tours - you experience the street first hand and the money goes straight into the pocket of the trishaw driver.

Trishaws – also known as sidecars—have been in use in Myanmar since colonial times. They can be found in most cities and towns around Myanmar and can be seen transporting everything from people, to construction materials to market goods. Cheap, environmentally friendly and champions of maneuvering city congestion and parking issues, trishaws are kings in the streets.

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Since 2012 Phyo Thiha has been an innovator and self-taught artist who has perfected his own style of street photography. Originally from Twan Tay, Phyo Thiha shoots candid moments and absurd situations in every-day settings and whatever attracts his interest. Besides shooting in the streets he also covers news, storytelling, social events, the 2013 Sea Games and is often seen at important political moments of the day."


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