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Yangon’s Hottest Hostels

Yangon’s Hottest Hostels

In the short space of the last couple of years the Yangon hostel scene has transformed from a collection of overpriced, unclean shacks to a flourishing scene of funky, fresh and inexpensive places to stay with all conveniences the worldly backpacker needs. My Magical Myanmar is proud to give you this review, so you can check out the best of the rest. Scott Hostel Info Box:
Rooms: 3, 4, 5 and 6-bed dorms
Price range: $ 13 to$ 18 per
night Location: 31st Street
(upper block), Yangon

Little Yangon Hostel Info Box:
Rooms: 6-bed and 8-bed mixed
dorms, 1 private single
Price range: $ 13- $22 per night
location: 39th Street.

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