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MeinmaHlaKyun Wildlife Sanctuary: ASEAN Heritage


Travelling to MeinmaHlaKyun Wildlife Sanctuary is a very beautiful and exciting, adventurous trip for foreign visitors. MeinmaHlaKyunis situated in Bogalay Township, AyeyarwaddyDivision, with an area of 33,779km2 - 16 miles long from North to South and 6 miles wide from East to West.  It is 80 miles from Yangon to Bogalay if road transportation is used and 12 miles if water transportation is used. Then you will be in MeinmaHlaKyun. A unique eco system with mangroves preservation can be observed. But also birds including migratory birds and inland birds live around water. The natural habitat of reptiles including crocodiles and other mammals and amphibians can also be observed.

you can go to Kadonlay turtle nesting beach and observe sea turtles laying eggs.

If you go in November, December or January, you can go to Kadonlay turtle nesting beach and observe sea turtles laying eggs. MeinmaHlaKyun was made a forest for wood in 1895, and then became a wildlife sanctuary on 1994. It became an ASEAN Heritage site in 2003 and became one of the world’s RAMSAR sites in February 2017.

        According to Fauna and Flora International (FFI) MeinmaHlaKyun hosts almost 20 critically endangered species of fauna including endangered mangrove terrapins, turtles which live in mangroves such as saltwater turtle, endangered wild dogs, Ayeyarwaddy dolphins and the rare‘adjutant’ stork. MeinmaHlaKyun, one of Myanmar’s beautiful landscapes and heritage, is an upcoming destination for nature-based tourism.

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