Rice and Ice

Photos by Nay Mone, Author Lwin Mar Htun

Rice and Ice in Food City, Myanmar Plaza, is fast food with a twist – well, it’s not quite fast food, more ‘convenience food’, say its owners.The flagship store, the first of its kind in town, opened last month and aims to sell dishes at low prices, without compromising on flavor and quality.The menu includes five variations of traditional fried rice dishes, such as Yangzhou fried rice and Kimchi fried rice, and five Asian-style ice drinks; it’s comfort and fun in easy take away meals. “Rice and Ice is “convenience food” as opposed to fast food, meaning the quality of the food is not compromised,” as we aim to serve customers fresh food in fast-food timing, said Grace Moore, the project associate from the Pun + Project, the company behind the restaurant.

“The concept behind Rice & Ice is quite simple: we wanted to marry the convenience and comfort of Southeast Asian fried rice with the fun, sweet dessert that is authentic shaved ice,” Grace said. She explained that the restaurant’s shaved ice drinks are made with fresh ingredients including fruit, grass jelly and coconut cream.Fried rice prices start from Kyat 3000. Ices start from Kyat 3000.

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