Birth Day Animal Symbols

By Ma Thanegi | PHOTOS BY Phyo Thiha

Ruling planet: Sun
Sign: Galon, a giant bird
Galon is a mythical creature with powers to change to human form. Sunday borns are deep thinkers and sometimes they are introvert. They like to be fair. They take great pride in honour and decency. 

Sign: Kyar, tiger
Ruling planet: Moon
Monday borns are clever and good at business. They know how to get the best out of other people. They are highly ambitious and earn great wealth. They take pride in their success and in caring for their families.

Sign: Chinthe, lion
Ruling planet: Mars
Tuesday borns are very focused on knowledge and education.

They can have fierce tempers but those born in the evening can be very gentle. They have high ideals and they are romantic. They are loners.

Wednesday, morning.
Sign: Hsin, tusked elephant for those born in the morning from 1 a.m. until noon.
Ruling planet: Mercury
They are quick to lose their tempers but quick to forgive, although they do not forget. They are brave, optimistic, impulsive, and popular. They tend to be lucky.
Wednesday, afternoon.
Sign: Hsin, elephant without tusks, for born after 12 noon of Wednesday until midnight.

Ruling planet: Rahu a mythical planet
They are careful and cautious. They show little emotion, but they feel deeply. They are very attached to their families. They work very hard and tend to be introvert.

Sign: Kywet, mouse
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Thursday borns are selfless, gentle and very kind. They do not talk much, nor make friends easily, but they are loyal to their friends. They are loners but always ready to help anyone. They do not easily trust people.

Sign: Pu, hamster
Ruling planet: Venus
Friday borns are good talkers and makes friends easily. They are best at interaction with people and work well in teams. They are popular with both friends and strangers, and tend to be lucky.

Sign: Naga, dragon
Ruling planet: Saturn
Naga, is a mythical creature with powers to change to human form. They are strong-minded, highly intelligent, and they usually succeed in life. Their work is most important to them. They can be compassionate to those truly in need but equally unkind, if crossed.

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