Keinari and Keinara

Photos By Phyo Thiha

Mythical Creatures
Mythical creatures from ancient legends are often used as decorative motifs for pagodas or musical instruments. They are the Keinari and Keinara, half-human half-bird; ogres with green skin; the Naga, the water serpent; the Galon, the giant bird; the deer-like Toe Naya; the Meggan, which has the body and snout of a crocodile and an elephant’s trunk; and the Manote Thiha, which has the crest of a lion, a human face and the double hindquarters of a lion. There are also the Pyinsa Rupa, which has a Naga body, a fish tail, horns of a deer, wings of an eagle and trunk of an elephant; and the Byarla, which has parts of nine animals: the trunk of an elephant, eyes of a deer, horn of a rhinoceros, tongue of a parrot, body of a fish, tail of a peacock, ears of a horse, fangs of a tiger and paws of a lion.


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