Standout: Trendy T-Shirt mixed with Myanmar Culture

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By: Lwin Mar Htun | Photo by: Maramma Myanmar
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Jan 2017

Over the last few years, many local clothing start-ups specializing in T-shirt designs and prints have sprung up, trying to cultivate the latest trends.
One such company offering interesting new clothes and accessories is Maramma Myanmar, which takes inspiration from local culture and uses traditional fonts, words and images.
“Since I was young, I had a dream to show Myanmar culture to the rest of the world -- and I love to wear T-shirts,” said Hein Lynn, 25, the owner of the Maramma Myanmar.
Hein Lynn started his clothing company in July 2015, with the image of the map of Myanmar as his debut t-shirt design.
“Since I started, I have produced seven different designs, all of which  were my own creations,” said Hein Lynn.
But his first experience in seeing his creation come to lifeon a T-shirt was the best, and since then decided Maramma Myanmar was something worth pursuing, said Hein Lynn.
“A total of 50 T-Shirts were produced using the first design. All sold very quickly, and I was so happy with my achievement that I decided to create more designs,” he said.
The word Maramma means Myanmar in the Pali language, a word he loved and decided best embodied the ethos of his brand. After two months, he was ready to produce another design; though his second creation did not go down as well with customers as the first.
“The second design was a lesson for me because I had worked on it very rashly. After that, I produced a new design every 3 months,” Hein Lynn said.
Maramma Myanmar also designs baseball caps, phone covers, and will be soon designing bags.
“I’m selling my brand through from my Facebook page ‘Maramma-Myanmar’. But customers can also my products atFashion Palace, Golden Culture T-shirt Revolution (Yay Kyaw) and Billion Fashion shop (Mingalardon Tsp),” said Hein Lynn.
His Future plans consist of opening a shop in town and establishing his brand further afield, in Bangkok.

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