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By Lwin Mar Htun
Local lifestyle brand Yangoods, which specializes in fashion and decorative items that fuse Myanmar’s traditions with the modern age, is becoming one of the hottest companies around. Since its launch two years ago, the company has been reviving a taste for classic design and traditional art ever since its founders fell in love with a few old postcards. “Back in October 2014, a friend showed us a collection of old postcards. When we saw that, it was love at first sight. We knew we were onto something big,” said Jean Curci, the company’s sales and marketing director and who founded the company along with three others.

.  “There were many designs that no one had ever seen before. They just needed a creative touch to make them modern,” she said. With the inspiration to portray Myanmar positively and stylishly through fashion, design and art, the brand was born, said Jean.  Yangoods sells everyday fashion items such as bags, pouches, bracelets, and accessories such as electric candles, photo frames, and other gift items and handicrafts. “In a nutshell, Yangoods is a retro brand. We want a lifestyle brand that can modernize the wonderful cultural heritage of Myanmar.

Most importantly, we want Myanmar’s cultural heritage to remain hip, reminiscent, and relevant,” she said.  The brand has become popular among tourists, Myanmar culture enthusiasts, and the country’s youth. The company has three shops: on Shan Kone Street in San Chaung township, at Bo Gyoke Market in Pabedan township, and its Le Planteur shop on New University Road in Bahan township.  But the company is keen to expand and widen its appeal.  In mid-July, Yangoods launched its Season 2 collection with an art exhibition, featuring a vintage photo both and live models.   “In the long term, we plan to grow Yangoods into an international brand that represents Myanmar. Yangoods products are already in a few locations in Europe.” “We love the people, the lifestyle, the culture, and it’s still growing and improving day by day. All of our products represent this vibrant and beautiful country.”

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