Authorities to issue nine passport categories

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By Yadana | Photo by Nay Mone
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Nov 2016

Myanmar Passport Issuing Board has recently announced that the office will issue nine types of passports in different colours for Myanmar citizens.

State-owned The Global New Light of Myanmar reported that the passports are classified into PB – Business Passport; PT – Dependent Passport; PJ – Job Passport; PR – Religious Passport; PS – Seaman Passport; PE – Student Passport; PV – Visit Passport; PD – Diplomatic Passport and PO – Official Passport.

The passports will be distinguished with three different colours: red for citizens, blue for diplomats and green for government officials.

It will cost about $25 for passport applying process and will take 10 days to receive it.

Previously seven types of passport are issued by the board: visit, religious, work, student, dependent, seafarer and business.

Ref: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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