Banks of Ko Mount Kan near Bagan Open to Tourists for Sunset Viewing

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By Theingi Htun | Photo by Phoe Nyan
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Mar 2017

Nyaung-U District General Administrator U Soe Tin said that the banks of Ko Mount Kan are officially opened for sunset viewing in the ancient heritage city of Bagan.

The bank at Ko Mount Kan was opened in the third week of February. The bank is 17 feet high-a safe height above the river- and can hold around 300 visitors.

“The bank’s footing ground has been adjusted and raised to 17 feet high before opening it officially. Many visitors came and watched sunset,” said U Soe Tint.

On the bank, there are two plateau which were recently made accessible to visitors wanting to watch the sunset. They are East Oh Htein Kone and West Oh Htein Kone. No revamp or adjustments have been done on these plateaus since there are many ancient cultural heritages left.

For preserving ancient pagodas without ruining the rate of visitors, new methods such as limiting the number of people on the pagodas at a time and charging entry fees has been implemented.

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