Dolphin tourism expands in two more villages

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By Yadana | Photo by Lwin Ko Taik
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Sep 2016

Irrawaddy Dolphin Conservation Group has expanded its dolphin sightseeing tours to two more villages adding the stops from six to eight, according to the local newspaper The Myanmar Times.
The group is currently operating the tours to six villages along the Ayeyarwady River and it plans to add Shaman Kar and Indaung village in the destination list in coming tourist high season.
The project manager said the visitors can explore the traditional pottery workshops at Shaman Kar village and Indaung village is close to the dolphins gathering places that they can be seen very often from the village.
The Irrawaddy Dolphin Sightseeing Tour was introduced in 2013 and there are 65 dolphins along the river according to a survey in February.
Ref: The Myanmar Times


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