Myanmar’s Soya Bean Paste to be Sold Overseas

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By Theingi Htun
|travel sector
Apr 2017

Local Myanmar product, soya bean paste or ‘pone yay gyi’ in Burmese is to be exported worldwide in the near future.

To be able to export efficiently, an increase in the production of soya beans, the raw material of soya bean paste, is necessary.

Major manufacturers of soya bean paste are the towns of Bagan and Nyaung-U. Other areas such as Myingyan and Chauk also have a small number of produce soya bean paste producers.

One Bagan resident said, “The major manufactures are from Nyaung-U. Some places have one or two businesses. We also eat pone yay gyi, but not every day. Some foreign visitors have taken interest in pone yay gyi these days.”

As a result, diners from the regions where soya bean paste is manufactured refer to it as a traditional Myanmar cuisine. This is despite the consumption rate being lower here than in other regions.

“I love pone yay gyi. I don’t eat it much in Yangon since most diners don’t have it in their menu. But I eat it every day when I am at Bagan or Pakokku,” said one traveller.

Like the diners from middle part of Myanmar, if the diners from Yangon and other cities put soya bean paste in their menu, the consumption rate will increase drastically. It looks likely to successfully introduce the cuisine to foreign travellers too.

The soya bean paste has a dark red color and it is to be prepared together with sliced onion, oil and dried shrimp as a salad. Also it can be cooked with pork or mixed with rice to make rice and soya bean paste salad called “pone yay gyi htamin thote”

Soya bean paste is a traditional Myanmar cuisine which is only available in Myanmar.

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