Office of the President Releases Announcement on New Year Festival Holiday

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Mar 2017
  1. As it has been found that the 10-day New Year Festival holidays for civil service personnel has caused hindrances to office work and banking services with international relations and delays in transportation and commodity flows due to the long holidays, recommendations were sought from the Ministries to access and consider the advisability of amending the holidays in 2017. Upon consideration of the recommendations, it is planned that the days to be taken from the 10-day holiday for the Thingyan New Year Festival would be added instead to the Thadingyut, Tazaungdine and the International New Year public holidays.
  2. Considering the fact that civil service personnel take part in the traditional water festival, go to monasteries and pagodas to observe the Sabbath days, pay respects to the elders and have recreational to get relief from tiredness accumulated during the whole year, civil service personnel can continue to enjoy the 10-day holidays though offices officially will be closed for only five days, and arrangements are being made in all seriousness to ensure that 10-day holidays will be enjoyed for the New Year. This arrangement is being made as a special arrangement only for this year.
  3. Therefore, so as to shorten the long holiday period of the new year without decreasing the number of official holidays, not to cause delays in office works and banking services due to the long holidays and to ensure that the civil service personnel may enjoy 10-day holidays for the New Year as originally planned, we wish to make this announcement that arrangements have been made for the convenience of all concerned.

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