Sunset viewing at Bagan to be banned except designated sites

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By Yadana | Photo by Lwin Ko Taik
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Mar 2017

Authorities from culture ministry have plan to ban sunset viewing at Bagan’s ancient temples after the completion of five sunset viewing sites, according to local newspaper Daily Eleven.

At the moment, the government is constructing the first sunset viewpoint at Ko Mauk Lake by raising the bank of the lake to 18 or 20 feet.

The religious affairs and culture minister told the parliament last week that at least 200 or 300 people will be able to have sunset views over Bagan from the man-made hills, which are estimated to cost about over 700 million kyat per each site.

The ministry expects to complete the sites in six months and the first site is set to be opened in mid May.

Sunset viewing over Bagan is a popular tourist attraction.

Ref: Daily Eleven

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