Thai Airways ranked top carrier

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Sep 2016

By Yadana | Photo by Thai Airway Facebook

Thai Airways ranked the largest foreign carrier serving Myanmar for the trip between Yangon and Bangkok in 2015.

The local newspaper Daily Eleven reported referring to the data from the department of civil aviation that there were total of 2,590 international flights at Yangon International Airport in 2015 and Thai Airways operated the largest number of flights last year.

The total number of passengers travelled through the airport last year was 3,116,872 as the number of arrivals was 1,556,706 and the departure was 1,560,166.

Through Yangon-Bangok flights operated by five Thai airlines and two Myanmar airlines, total of 1,335,711 visitors travelled through the airport and Thai Airways carried 418,562 of them.

Ref: Daily Eleven

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