Tourist arrivals in Mandalay increased 25 percent last year

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By Yadana | Photo by Phoe Nyan
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Feb 2017

The number of foreign visitors to Mandalay region in 2016 was increased about 25 percent than 2015, local newspaper The Myanmar Times reported.

Quoting an officer from directorate of hotels and tourism for upper Myanmar, the newspaper said the number was rose from 306,432 in 2015 to 385,031 in 2016.

The official said local tourism authorities are planning to attract more visitors to Mandalay as the region is the heart of Myanmar’s booming tourism sector.

Though Thais are the largest number of visitors for nationwide tourist arrivals, the majority of the foreign tourists visited Mandalay are Chinese and the visitors from France, Thailand and Germany also include in the top visitors list of Mandalay.

With a master plan, the local authorities are trying to attract more tourists and total of 53,051 foreigners visited Mandalay in January this year.

Ref: The Myanmar Times

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