UNESCO recognized Myanmar King’s golden letter

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Apr 2017

The Golden Letter of the Burmese King Alaungphaya to Kilng George II of Great Britain from the year 1756 is registered at UNESCO's Memory of the World.

Ministry of foreign affairs announced that that the registration ceremony was held in Germany on March 29.

The registration was proposed by British Council, ministry of religious affairs and Gottfried Wilhlem Leibniz library from Germany.

The letter said King Alaungphaya invited to open a trading station in his kingdom and to strengthen the bilateral relationship and King George later sent the letter to the museum in his native town in Germany.

The golden letter has 55 cm in length and 12 cm in width. The letter made from pure gold that was sent by Myanmar King to King George II in 1756 and engraved on a gold sheet and adorned with 24 rubies.

Ref: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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