Viewing Tower to be Built Overlooking Hakha’s Landscape

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By Theingi Htun
|travel sector
Mar 2017

Hakha Township No.1 Constituency, Chin State representative U Zo Bwai, said that a viewing tower will be built overlooking Hakha’s landscape. Plans have been made to establish a committee for accepting tenders for the construction of the viewing tower. It is hoped to be implemented by end of this year. A place near the entrance of Hakha town was chosen as the tower construction site and the tower height is designed to be around 40 feet. The estimated cost of construction is about 70 million Kyat.

“Everything has been discussed and the construction will be carried out soon. We will be focusing on its durability. It will be more exciting to overview Hakha Town’s beauty this way,” said U Zo Bwai.

On the scenic tower, Chin peoples’ traditional instruments, traditional cultural dress and retreat areas to rest and relax will be placed respectively. Local and international visitors will enjoy overlooking Hakha’s scenic landscape.

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