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Mar 2016

Music bursts from the entrance of the Sky Bistro at the top of Sakura Tower. Past the smokers congregated in the corridor and the two young women stamping wrists at the entrance, the entrance to Sky Bistro offers a view of the downtown Yangon skyline pierced by the spires of golden pagodas and coloured by neon lighting beyond the images of party guests reflected in its windows like bodies floating in the night. Inside, guests mingle in small groups. Some enjoy the music; others order drinks from the bar and watch the dancing crowd. A woman dressed in black stands behind the DJ booth, with her hair pushed behind her ears by a large pair of headphones. She bobs along with the music. Yu Kyaw Tin, also known as DJ Yu, was first exposed to mixing music while studying in Britain for a bachelor’s degree in business management. She left for Britain after high school and returned to Myanmar in September 2013.

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