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Yangon Art EXPO 2017 -- Nov 4th to 12th at Junction City Tower, Yangon


Culture2All, an Italian NGO will hold a large art exhibition featuring 72 well-established and emerging artists from all around Myanmar. The exhibition will be held in a new exhibition space at the top of Junction City Tower from November 4th to 12th.  Artwork to be exhibited include painting, sculpture, installation art, street art and visual poetry. Organisers hope the expo will be an opportunity for all artists to come together for workshops and to have dialogue about their work among the art community and also with the public."The art expo poses questions and proposes answers to reflect on the conditions how to aim at a free art world in a nation currently being invested with larger institutional, societal and economic changes and still characterised by lesser infrastructures.

The art expo will also be a laboratory aiming at further development projects involving international interlocutors from culture and enterprise."  
For more information contact Curator Eugenia Battisti (099 5283 2802) or see the Facebook page https://www.facebook.

com/yangonartexpo2017/  Image: Novices on the Steps - watercolour on paper, 56 x 76 cm - 2016 by Khin Maung Zaw   #mymagicalmyanmar #yangonartexpo2017 #yangonart #art #yangon

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