Kayin State

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Capital: Hpa-an | Population: Over 1.6 million | Languages: Kayin, Myanmar | Major Industries: Agriculture | How to get there : Car, Bus, Air, Train | Traditions and  Culture: The Kayin are deeply religious, whether they are Christian or Buddhist. Their New Year, which falls in December, is the most important event in their communities. They are living along Thailand and Myanmar side of the river.

Thanlwin River

It’s about 2,815 kilometers (1,749miles) long that flows the Tibetan Plateau into the Andaman Sea in Southeast Asia. From the source to the sea, it supplies food, creates culture, and shows off its natural beauty to ethnic minorities along the way. 


The capital of Kayin State, is a beautiful town with wide lakes, lush islands, limestone cliffs and soaring peaks, with mountains ranges receding into the distance.

Mt. Zwei Kabin
Mt. Zwei Kabin is the pride of Hpa-an. It is 772 metres (2,532 feet) high. Of striking beauty, brick steps lead to the summit, where climbers are rewarded by panoramic views.

Kaw-goon and Pha-gat Cave Pagoda 
The interesting cave pagodas of Kaw-goon and Pha-gat are eight miles south of the town. The interior walls of both pagodas are covered with thousands of images carved in relief, or in free form. They are of all sizes and of various materials.  Since the pagodas were first recorded in 1893 in the Archaeological Survey of India Annual Report by U Taw Sein Ko and Maj. R.C. Temple, many images have been lost, but many of those that remain are breathtaking.  A large, headless fragment of a relief carving shows an elegant torso and is believed to represent a queen who had donated some images.  A Mon scholar, Dr Naing Pan Hla, translated the 23 lines of Mon writing found on the image as follows: “I, the Queen of Martaban, living in the town of Du Ei Wut, had the Image of Lord Buddha made; other images of clay and stone I and  my servants made as well as our ability is able, and set up in Du Ei Wut town and beyond; may other master craftsmen continue to carve many more images.” 

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