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For visitors to Nyaung Shwe, the town serving visitors to Inle Lake, not long ago there was little more to do after a day out than retire to your hotel and get an early night’s sleep. Thankfully, there is now a bounty of quality restaurant bars with fun cocktail menus, delicious dishes and a great atmosphere to suit all tastes.

Chillax Bistro 
This bistro is a well-established favourite of visitors to Inle Lake. Serving cocktails that are exciting and delicious, as well as comfort food favourites for local and international travelers alike, its popularity has gone from strength to strength. In the large outdoor veranda area, diners can try pizza, Mexican burritos and sandwiches as well as popular local dishes.

The most popular cocktails are the Inle Mojito and the Myanmar Mule which includes a delightful mixture of local liquor, sugar syrup and fresh lime. Chillax’s homemade yoghurt has become famous and they have gotten on board with the campaign to ditch plastic straws, using a reusable bamboo substitutes instead. Open 9 am to 10 pm daily .

Ginki Nyaung Shwe
This is one of four sister restaurants in cities around the country and with so much experience in the restaurant scene, it’s no wonder the owners know what their customers want.

The menu features Shan, Indian, Thai and European favourites and the most popular dish is grilled pork neck followed by pizzas, pastas, fire-grilled chicken and steamed sticky rice. During the extended happy hour – 1pm to 5pm – and any time they order from the cocktail list, customers like to order Ginki’s margaritas and mojitos the most. The open-air setting, funky wooden furniture and regular acoustic band performances make Ginki a top choice for unwinding in Nyaung Shwe. Open 11am to 11pm daily.

Asiatico Pub Inle

Asiatico is special for its great rooftop space where travelers love to watch the sun go down in green surroundings. Additionally, the design of this bar sets itself apart from the others by sporting a warehouse theme which is softened with fun local memorabilia – perhaps the most striking of which is the real trishaw hanging from the roof. The most popular cocktails are those with a unique Myanmar spin, especially the Shwe Tamarind cocktail. Travellers usually like to try their pizzas including the novel tea leaf pizza or the ‘gigantic’ pizza which is good for groups to share and can have up to three different pizza toppings. Travellers looking to make friends over a game of pool should go there. Open 11am to 12am (rooftop 4pm to 10pm) daily.

Peter Tapas & Grill Peter

Tapas & Grill is a street bar located near the Nyaung Shwe night market that focuses on serving special beverages to go with the ‘street tapas’ they serve. The design of the shop is a funky street theme with street signs, traffic lights and license plates. Their novelty drink, which they have become famous for, is the Big Bowl which is a giant cocktail that up to six people can share. Beer cocktails are also on the menu as well as bar snacks to go with the drinks. The quirky theme attracts locals and travellers from all over Myanmar as well as the international crowd looking for somewhere fun and casual to hang out. They recently had a large roof installed over the bar so customers can continue to enjoy the fun decorative theme and street ambience throughout the rainy season. Open 3pm to 10.30pm daily

One Owl Grill

This bar is located on a main junction in Nyaung Shwe and offers unique and exciting food and drink options. Their beer cocktails are a hit: the Black Owl is a pomelo, lime, orange and beer mix while the Red Owl includes is similar substituting strawberry for pomelo. Unsurprisingly, the food menu specializes in grilled dishes and for lovers of Mexican food, there is an interesting offer of a free shot of tequila with every two tacos ordered. The atmosphere here is a relaxed, street-side vibe with plenty of backpackers to meet for a Hungry Backpacker breakfast deal (think bacon and baked beans) or a beer pong tournament on Saturday evenings. Open 9am to 11pm daily

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