The Legendary Land of Jade, Kachin State

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Most travelers visit Myanmar to see Bagan, then temple complex. But in the far north of country, it has the appeal of being an exotic land of Jade mines and is the destination for natural scenery find the Hkakabo Razi National Park is the highest summit of SE Asia, the country’s first-ever eco-tourism site, Indawgyi wildlife sanctuary is in Mohnyin township of Kachin State and blessed with bird watching, explorations into the mountains and experienced the uniqueness of Ayeyarwaddy River.  
The name of Myitkyina means “near the big river”.

As the capital of Kachin State, a visit to the town indeed offers many chances to enjoy views of the Ayeyarwaddy river and experience of Kachin’s culture.  
Manau Park
Manau Park is located in northeast of downtown and its in the most iconic Myitkyina site, with the giant manau pillars.   

Taste of the city
A delicious Kachin experience! A classic unique dish of Kachin’s Chicken, using fresh, local ingredients, is spicy and cooked with a uniquely Kachin’s blend of herbs.

A refreshing with Sa pi, a think, purple rice wine and a barbecued fish.  

Hiking, jogging, bicycling, walking along the riverside.

The Confluence
The Malikha and Maikha rivers come together to form the Ayeyawady at the confluence, called Myitsone, about 43 kilometres (27 kilometres) north of Myitkyina.

Hpakant is a small town locates in Hpakant Township, Kachin State, northern part of Myanmar. The place is well-known for imperial jade mining. The jade mines at Hpakant can be visited by booking with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism although the town is sometimes closed to foreigners.
Imperial Jade            
Myanmar is the only country in the world producing high-quality Imperial Jade in large quantities, from mines at Hpakant in western Kachin State. The world’s largest known piece of Imperial Jade was found on January 1, 2001. It is 21 metres (70 feet) long, 11 metres (36 feet) high and 4.5 metres (15ft) thick. It can be seen by climbing down a 12 metre (40 foot) shaft with safety ladders.

Shwe Myitzu Pagoda of Indawgyi Lake
According to legend, Indawgyi Lake was once a dry valley of a kingdom whose human inhabitants were wild and cruel so water-dwelling dragons flooded the valley to punish the humans, who drowned and became fish. The Shwe Myitzu Pagoda was built on the lake in the mid-18th century is one of the most famous pagodas of Kachin State and a festival is celebrated there every March.

The pretty town of Bhamo is set amid rolling hills where colourfully dressed members of the Lisu, Rawan, Kachin, Shan and Palaung national races come to shop. It is possible to take a double-decker river boat from Bhamo to Mandalay, passing through the scenic second defile on the Ayeyarwady.

This pleasant little town is the northernmost in Myanmar. Beyond are ice-capped mountain ranges and rushing, white water rivers. This is a stop-off for mountaineers who want to attempt the peaks of the far north. Will find Hkakabo Razi National Park here and Pongun Razi Wildlife Sanctuary where you can indulge in adventure expeditions, white water rafting and trekking with the fantastic panorama of the snow-capped mountain ranges, as well as encounter the Kachin, Shan, Rawang and Lisu hill tribes.

Mt. Hkakaborazi
Snow-capped Mt Hkakaborazi, Southeast Asia’s highest peak at 5,881 metres (19,296 feet), lies at the eastern end of the Himalayas and is a challenging climb for mountaineers.
Hkakabo Razi National Park. It is an important watershed area for Myanmar’s lifeline Ayeyarwady river. Wildlife includes rare species of takin, musk deer, blue sheep, Black barking deer plus numerous mammal species, insects, birds and butterflies. The last remaining Tarong tribe live there.  

Phongun Razi Wildlife Sanctuary
In Putao District, Northern Myanmar, 95 km NW of Putao near the Indian border. At 3485 metres high it is covered with snow all year round.

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