Belief - 5, Exposure ( June)

Photo - Phyo Thiha

The annual Hindu fire-walking festival took place at Shri Mariyama temple in the Kanbe area of Yankin Township in Yangon last April. Many of Myanmar’s Hindus came from near and far to participate in the event which included the activities of raising the religious banners, walking around with fire pots, body piercings and walking on hot coals.

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Posted by Phyo Thiha

Since 2012 Phyo Thiha has been an innovator and self-taught artist who has perfected his own style of street photography. Originally from Twan Tay, Phyo Thiha shoots candid moments and absurd situations in every-day settings and whatever attracts his interest. Besides shooting in the streets he also covers news, storytelling, social events, the 2013 Sea Games and is often seen at important political moments of the day."


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