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Transportation services to raise charges for tourists by 10 percent if fuel rate continue to increase

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Transportation services in Mandalay Region will raise transportation fees for tourists by 10 percent if local fuel prices have not drop by October 22, which is the beginning of peak season of tourism, according to Myanmar Tourism Transportation Association (Mandalay).

“We have our set prices such as how many percent would be raised if fuel rate reaches what level. And our charges would become normal if fuel rate goes down. We have agreed on this before,’’ said U Tun Nyi Nyi, President of Myanmar Tourism Transportation Association (Mandalay).

Due to uncontrollable dollar rate against Myanmar Kyat, local fuel price has increased reaching over K1,100 per liter of 92 Octane and K1,125 per liter of premium diesel.

Because of higher fuel rate, the association announces that it is planning to raise transportation charges by 10 percent, but only if local fuel prices have not lowered by October 22.

The association has reached the agreement on charges, in which they agreed to raise charges by 10 percent for smaller buses if fuel price reach above K4,500 per gallon and 10 percent for bigger buses if fuel price reached K5,000-6,000 per gallon since 2011-2012 tourism season.

Transportation charges in Mandalay vary depends on the destinations and there are around 120 small and big buses providing services for tourist working with tourism companies.

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