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Choice of vehicles for Myanmar: Off - road driving


Myanmar people have traditionally been taking to the roads across the country – whether for a religious pilgrimage or another affair – for decades, if not centuries. However, these days we are witnessing a change in the trend of domestic travels with a rapid increase in the number of car owners which came after the adjustment of the national car import policy in late 2011. With this growth of private car ownership, groups of adventure enthusiasts have emerged from the woodwork with aspirations to explore, experience and gain knowledge of Myanmar’s remote and untouched areas. We call this type of travelling by car for a long distance, often over rough roads, the ‘road trip’.

In recent years, a number of car rallies have been held across the country to prove that Myanmar has much potential for enjoying road trips. This is an exciting, new and insightful way to really experience the culture, geography and communities of a region with a more hands-on approach.
The biggest question when planning a road trip in Myanmar is what type of car you should or could choose. According to a participant of the recent car rally in eastern Sagaing Region of Myanmar, the rally drivers used four brands of SUV/4-wheel drives on the trip, namely TOYOTA, BMW, FORD and VOLVO.

A well-experienced off-road driver who has participated in car rallies on the roads of Myanmar’s Rakhine State and Thaninthayi and Sagaing Regions gave his remark on this point saying,
“It is more convenient and reliable on road trips here if you use a sturdily-built SUV or 4WD car. Also, there should be only three or four people riding in the car.”

With this expert’s recommendation on choice of car for road trips in Myanmar in mind, we ask the question ‘What brands of SUV or 4WD vehicles are currently available in Myanmar’s market?’ My Magical Myanmar brings you the best options available today.

Chevrolet Myanmar sold 271 units of various types of vehicle in 2017. Their recommended models for road trips are Trailblazer, Suburban, Tahoe, and Colorado. Of this selection, let’s have a look at Trailblazer and Colorado.

Engine: Diesel
Driveline: AWD, 6-speed Auto

Colorado Centennial
Engine: 2.8L, Diesel
Driveline: 4WD, Auto

Toyota is a brand already familiar to Myanmar people since its cars were primary target vehicles for local users for decades before the change in legislation in 2011. Among the Toyota products in the Myanmar market today, Hilux Renovo and Fortuner are much suitable for off-road driving.


Hilux Revo Double Cab    
Engine: 2.5L, Turbo Diesel
Driveline: 4WD, Auto

Engine: 2.8L,VN Turbo Diesel
Driveline:2WD-4WD, Auto

Engine: 2.0L, Turbo, Petrol
Driveline: AWD, Auto

All-New Ranger
Engine: 2.2L XLT 6AT and 3.2L XLT
Driveline: 6-Speed Auto, 4WD/2WD

Engine:     Diesel 3.2L TDCi
Driveline: 4WD, 6-Speed Auto

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