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Packing tips for the Myanmar Monsoon Traveller


Do you have a plan for some refreshing travel experiences during the rainy season that falls soon in Myanmar? If yes, there are some essential things to be prepared and items you shouldn’t forget to pack in your bags. Myanmar’s monsoons have both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to taking a trip away from home. If you are well-prepared, however, you will find much joy in traveling during this season. With contribution from famous travel blogger Thiha Lulin, My Magical Myanmar brings you the following packing advice.

1.    As it is in the rainy season, you should choose a destination that doesn’t suffer from the rains too badly.

But wherever you go, it is likely to rain so always bring a light and comfortable rain jacket. A high-quality light-weight jacket is advisable so you don’t get too hot while you’re wearing it and so that it’s easy to pack away in your bags.

2.    It is necessary to bring a torch when you travel – especially if you may find yourself in rural areas. The weather can cause dark skies and low-visibility in the evening and night time. Bad weather can also cause power cuts and a torch is essential at these times.

3.    A strong, durable umbrella could save you if you are planning to be outdoors a lot on your travels. Ligh umbrellas are not advised even though they can be folded up and packed away easily. They are likely to break in the winds and become more of an inconvenience. We recommend a high-quality golf-style umbrella.

4.    Another point is to pack any medicine that you may require. Colds and flu are common ailments in the rainy season so bring whichever medicine you usually take for these illnesses. Headaches, pains and injuries can strike at any time so make to pack some painkillers, antibacterial wipes and fever relieving pills. If you have a more serious illness, such as arthritis which is aggravated by wet weather, it is compulsory to bring the prescribed medicine you usually take on a trip.

5.    If you are an adventurous traveller, it is essential to pack the right shoes for your travels. You may encounter muddy puddles, rocky paths and steep hills and all may be wet and slippery. Cheap slippers are not going to withstand the harsh conditions so be sure to pack a pair of high-quality, quick-drying trekking shoes with good grips on the soles.

6.    You may want to consider a waterproof cover for your camera. In the case of really torrential downpours, waterproof case for your mobile phone might also be advisable.

7.    Having some plastic bags tucked into your luggage may save you later when you have to pack away your rain-soaked clothes or shoes. They are a light and cheap way of separating the dirty, wet clothes from the clean outfit you are yet to wear. Always bring a few spare bags.
Thiha Lulin has been a travel blogger since 2015 and started writing travel stories in 2004. Keeping with the pace of using social media network, especially Facebook, in Myanmar, he has a wide readership on his Facebook account ‘Thiha, The Traveller’ for sharing travel experience.

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