Good food, great coffee at an old -school coffee house


A well-known Malaysian restaurant chain ‘Old Town White Coffee’ has opened in Yangon and the shop is mostly busy with the customers who love their original white coffee and famous nasi lamak.

The restaurant opened their first outlet in Myanmar on Yawmingyi Street on 11th July 2017 and the second shop was opened recently at Junction City.
“Old Town White Coffee story began in a quaint coffee shop in Ipoh in 1958. At that time the owner, a roast master, created a secret blend of white coffee and served it to his customers in Ipoh,” said Jeffrey Tan, General Manager of OTWC.

Over the years, the coffee shop gained popularity as a place that served fine coffee in Ipoh and eventually OTWC grew in popularity all over Malaysia, he said.

Currently, there are about 260 OTWC restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Australia and two restaurants in Yangon.
“We pride ourselves in using the freshest ingredients and preserving the special flavors of Malaysia in our food,” said Jeffrey explaining what is so special about OTWC.

He added that their dishes are, “rich in flavor, with a variety of spices and not compromising on the quality and tradition of how Malaysian food is prepared and cooked.”

Even though the restaurant businesses have a lot of challenges currently in Myanmar, OTWC is very pleased to share their Malaysian food with their neighboring country Myanmar.

“Many Myanmar nationals already know OTWC. Many Myanmar nationals already visited us in Asia and not to forget the many dedicated Myanmar employees that work for OTWC in Malaysia,” he said.

He added that, they believe that Malaysian food will be accepted in Myanmar and will continue to gain popularity here.
Making sure of customer satisfaction, achieving food consistency and delivering the freshest quality product is always challenging and they try to meet the high standards by ensuring that their dedicated employees are well trained and committed to their tough Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in food preparation.

“Myanmar is rapidly growing and we anticipate this growth to continue over the next decade. As such our parent company, Nikmat Mujur, believes that Myanmar is the right place for us to invest and develop the OTWC brand,” said Jeffrey explaining why they chose Myanmar as their next move in Asia.
The currently opened OTWC restaurants in Yangon are classified as the Signature Series, similar to the restaurants in Singapore, China and Australia. They are providing a comfortable and cosy restaurant design and more attractive dishes.

“We bring in the essential spices and ingredients from Malaysia. Then, we get other meat and fresh seafood locally in Myanmar,” Jeffrey said.
They intend to grow in the next few years in Myanmar and will be looking to form various kinds of partnerships with franchising opportunities with friends in Myanmar.

“We are looking to grow another 3-5 restaurants in Yangon. We are also looking at other areas in Myanmar such as Mandalay for instance, to develop the OTWC brand.”

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