Modern Tailoring from Yangon’s Scott & Company

Photo - Phyo Thiha

Since every man needs a perfect suit for all kinds of events, ceremonies and business meetings — and since Yangon’s tailoring tradition is not terribly popular among young people  who seem to prefer off-the-shelf garments — ‘Scott & Co’  is developing a niche in tailoring for young men.

“When my grandpa was young, there were good tailors in town. Nowadays, people prefer to wear ready-made clothing and are often not interested in tailoring,” said Ye Thway Aung, 22, Scott & Co’s director.

“That’s why my partner and I started this tailoring business as a local brand to raise awareness about the process of tailoring.

He says Scott & Co aims to team up with Myanmar’s men to transform them into a new vision of the modern man.

Prior to Scott & Co, Ye Thway Aung worked at a tailor shop in London for three months and got inspired to open his own Yangon shop from that experience.
“I love to wear suits. I love that feeling. That was the one of the reasons Scott & Co happened,” he said.

Sometimes Ye Thway Aung sees that western people are wearing traditional Myanmar dress — and Myanmar people wearing western dress at events — so he wanted to promote smart western attire for Myanmar people.

At Scott & Co, Ye discusses suit design with customers and helps them choose the fabric.

“Sometimes they don’t know what they need for the events. We take customers’ measurements and we send that information to our team in Bangkok and Singapore,” he said. The final fitting and sewing are finished by the Yangon team.

“We only want the best for our customers and we negotiate with their needs. During the final fitting, their expert stylist will adjust and fit the suit step by step.”

The wide range of fabrics comes from different famous fabric shops in Hong Kong, Australia and Italy.

“We only use 100% cotton and we don’t store fabric at our shop. They all go to the agents in Bangkok and Singapore. Some come directly from Italy and Australia.”  

The prices are start at US$480 and can rise to over US$3000 — depending on the customer’s choice of fabric and design of suit.

“The waiting time for the suit is one month and if there is any change during final fitting session, it will take a few more days,” he said.
Ye says they take clients very seriously at Scott & Co and deliver the completed suits as quickly as possible.

Even though Scott & Co are officially a men’s tailor, they also make suits for women.

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