The adult candy shop: ‘After 8’

Photo - Phyo Thiha

A new bar called ‘After 8 Shots & Cocktail Bar’ has opened at Myanmar Plaza’s 4th floor and it has a new concept—to accommodate your guilty pleasure.

Though only opened for the last few months, the bar is already famous among youth and celebrities of Myanmar because of their fashionable and fabulous cocktails and shots.

The cocktails and shots were designed by Cocktail Professor, Jarl de Vries from Amsterdam. He came to Yangon to design the cocktails and train bartenders over the course of a few months before the bar opening. 

“It’s like something that you love to do, but you just cannot admit that you do it.

You’re sitting at a bar, but you don’t want to admit that you drinking alcohol and our drinks don’t look like alcohol. Then, After 8 has become your guilty pleasure bar,” said Ko Zayar, Manager of After 8.

The bar has a wide-ranging shot menu with a total of 48 options and the menu is playfully illustrated with a sketch for each shot. Some names are really funny or scary and it does sound like an adult playground.

“When you look the shot menu, you question could the shot really be as described in the name? That’s why we say After 8 is like an adult candy shop,” he said.

Walking Death, The Fallen, Devils Son and Bomb shots are scary names for shots and the sketches reaffirm this. You might be imaging those shots can make you drunk easily. 

I tried the ‘Sweat like its Hot’ shot  which is served with fresh chili and is yellow in colour. On the top of the shot, there is a sprinkling of black pepper powder so the taste is a combination of hot and sour. It is one of the best-sellers at the bar.

Another special cocktail menu is also displayed with interesting names such as ‘Oops I dropped my Ice-cream’ and ‘Fast Food after Gym.’

Another menu has a selection of tasty gin and tonics. Their Tanqueray No.10 served with passion fruit and flowers is another best-seller at the bar and though it may look girly, the taste is really not.

“We also have wine and beer but there aren’t many choices for them. We just wanted to focus on our signature shots and cocktails,” Ko Zayar said.
Another fun element is that they also have group cocktails and shots served as games like Crocodile Toothache, Tic Tac Toe and so on.
“All those things are kids’ games but here at After 8 adults can play those things too and drink a cocktail if they lose. This place is all about the fun and chill,” he said.

The food menu is also perfect for a bar and they have different categories including snacks, salads, soup, main dishes and desserts. The price is not really expensive and ranges from K3,500 to K30,000. I recommend trying their deep fried pork ribs (K4,800) and Amsterdam balls (K4,800) when you visit.
The bar has good music and the decoration and design is upbeat, fashionable and comfortable. Shots prices are in the range of K3,000 to K4,000 and cocktails are K7,000 to K8,000.

If you are interested in the new nightlife style and want to try unusual and fun shots and cocktails, ‘After 8’ is the perfect place to go.

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