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Khin Myat Myat Naing

Khin Myat Myat Naing, Travel Blogger Khiri Travel Myanmar and volunteer with Travel Blogger in charge of digital marketing and public relations

Name: Khin Myat Myat Naing
Country: Myanmar
Job: Travel Blogger Khiri Travel Myanmar and volunteer with Travel Blogger  in charge of digital marketing and public relations

How did you become a travel blogger?

Travelling has been my favourite hobby since I was young and I also love to read and write stories. I always go on a trip every month and as a result I started to want to write travel stories. I love to share my experiences with others. It all started in 2007.

What was your very first blog post about?
I was working as a freelance writer before I started travel blogging. My first travel story was about Hsipaw.

I had to arrange a travel program for former Miss Universe Myanmar Moe Sat Wine. At that time people didn’t know much about Hsipaw and I wanted to share my experience with the public. That was my first step. 

Tell us about your favorite trip.
It’s difficult because I have a lot of memorable moments and favorite trips. Among them, I will choose my trip to Kanchanaburi because that one is my most popular blog story and my page ‘My Khayee’ got a lot of recognition through it.

I love that place—there’s no internet or electricity and the environment is really natural.

What are your most essential travel items you take with you when you travel?
It’s very simple – I just take my phone, camera and if the trip is not trekking, I take my laptop too. Also UV protection cream!

How do you see the Myanmar tourism scene? How can it be improved?
Compared with other countries, Myanmar’s tourism industry has a long way to go. Myanamar has a lot of beautiful natural places and there are a lot of ways to make more money but there is a lack of knowledge on how to promote it. This year, the tourist arrivals rate has decreased because of the Rakhine issue so the political situation also needs to be stable. In some other countries, they hold events such as travel bloggers workshops or meetings with bloggers from around the world so bloggers can promote the host country in many ways. We also should do that in the future.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a travel blogger?
The advantage of being a travel blogger is obviously that I can travel many places for free. The bad aspect is that I don’t really like to take a lot of pictures. I have to put it in my mind that is like a job—I have to get a good photo of everything so I can’t enjoy my whole trip. I don’t like that much.

Is travel blogging in Myanmar is competitive?
The blogger industry also needs to improve many things. Here in Myanmar, people don’t know what a blogger is or what they are doing. Other bloggers from abroad are well known and they get a lot of support so they can do anything they want.

Tell us about the most magical Myanmar moment you’ve had.
The Wa region is really wonderful. I went there through Kyaing Tong. At that time, the political situation between Wa and Myanmar was not really good. There was only two ways to reach Wa region and I had to go the hardest way because the other way was closed. But there were so many exciting moments that I had. When I arrived there, I ate lunch at the home of the village head without knowing that was his house!

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