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Phyoe Wai Ya Zar

Phyoe Wai Ya Zar, MD of Diethelm Travel Myanmar.

For the June edition of The Talk, we speak to Phyoe Wai Yar Zar who is Managing Director of Diethelm Travel Myanmar, one of the founding member of the Rotary Club of Central Yangon and advisor to Myanmar Tourism Marketing.

Name: Phyoe Wai Ya Zar
Hometown: Salay, Magwe Region
Job: MD of Diethelm Travel Myanmar

What are your thoughts on the state of tourism in Myanmar at the moment?

We dance with the tunes of the Rakhine Issue and cannot overcome the challenges in a short time span. Therefore, we are going through a tough time and need to make a concerted effort together with all the stakeholders to overcome the challenges.

Should people visit Myanmar now? Why?

Certainly, they should visit Myanmar now. The major tourist destinations are very remote from the area where the attention of international audience is given. People in those destinations should not be the collateral damage of the recent and current unrest. Tourism should be a viable business to help driving the economy and continue to give opportunities for the people.

How could the tourism industry be improved going into the future?

That’s a million-dollar question.

Since tourism is a business, we need to plan it well and invest our time, effort, equity (in terms of both state budget and marketing budget of the companies from the private sector). We need to aptly train the people from, again, both public and private sectors, in order to drive the machine toward the goals, which are increased turnover and mitigation of the unwanted impacts on the culture and environment.

What do you love about your job?
 I love doing business with people, providing services rather than manufacturing goods. I also love being in a position to give capacity and empowerment to the people I work with.

What do you hate about your job?

It is a very time consuming job.

Tell us about a magical Myanmar moment you’ve had.

The most recent one was the stay at a superb hotel at Inle Lake with family and friends during the last Thingyan Water Festival break, spending quality time with loved ones on a carefree holiday, enjoying tasty food, taking a boat trip on the serene lake and having been immersed in the cultural heritage Inle Lake offered.

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