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Myanmar Culture and Heritage Trust recently successfully organized a show of Myanmar arts and crafts “Inspiring Myanmar Festival” in Yangon and My Magical Myanmar spoke with Daw Sandar Khin, chairperson of MCHT for our March edition of The Talk.

Please tell us some details about this show.    

The Myanmar arts and crafts show was held for four days and extended for a fifth due to its popularity. We organized booths displaying the process of making traditional textiles including silk from Amarapura, lotus and silk ware from Inle Lake, textiles of Kachin, Kayan-Padaung and Chin ethnic groups, Karen footwear, goldsmith from Rakhine, silversmith from Ywahtaung, Sagaing, Myanmar’s traditional lacquer-ware and Mon pipes and slate boards.

Could you describe your role in organizing the event ?
The event was to mark Union Day and to promote and restore arts and crafts of the national races. I contacted and organized those who would participate in the show and was with them most of all the time at the show. I also had to organize to have support and cooperation from many different sources.

Why did you become involved in this event?
I love culture and admire its value and also like to restore non-material culture.

I feel sorry to lose the refined, profound arts. I would like to make these arts and crafts known not only to the world but our people. That is why I became involved in an event promoting and restoring them before they may be lost in obscurity.

What is the most difficult part of organizing this kind of event?
I would not like to say we had difficulties. We had to bring here raw materials, skilled technicians and parts from weaving devices along with skilled makers. They had to stop operating their businesses at their home towns to come here. There were cost of money for their trips by water and land to the show which is far away from their places. But they all are happy although there are tired much as they had a chance to show their arts and crafts at a highly populated city like Yangon to mark the Union Day. Despite having some difficulties we could overcome them.

What kind of skills and qualities does it take to organize this kind of event?
We collected and selected items of art and craft that are of attractiveness to foreign visitors and favorites to local people. Of those items, each different art and craft of ethnic peoples were selected and showed in coordination with literary and culture associations of national races in Yangon.

What is your favorite kind of traditional art or craft at the show?
For me, I love all items. Like what I do, I like all Myanmar people to know and understand arts and crafts of national races. The items at the show were collectively displayed as they are admired much and thought highly. I like all of them.

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