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Name: Zaw Min Oo @ Jack Burma
Hometown: Kawa, Bago Division
Job: Managing Director of Green Seasons

In this issue, we put some important questions to Managing Director of the innovative Green Season Travel tour company, Zaw Min Oo @Jack Burma, for his insights on the tourism industry and more.

What are your thoughts on the Myanmar tourism industry today?

As well as because of the Rakhine crisis, there is a decline in numbers from the European market due to a lack of diversification of the Myanmar products.

If that doesn’t change we might lose the interest of European outbound tour operators and tourists. We need to diversify Myanmar’s tourism products instead of only promoting the country’s already popular destinations.

Which part of Myanmar do you think has the most potential  for tourism development? Why?

The Mergui Archipelago because repeated travelers can be attracted to come back again for island visits, scuba diving, boat trip and sea adventure activities.

Of course, better facilities and infrastructure, skills training and responsible travel awareness are necessary first.

What do you love about your job?

I love when I get fantastic feedback and appreciation from our customers. When I know they fell in love with Myanmar and they had a wonderful trip through the travel programme that we crafted. 

What is the most difficult thing about your job?

As a starter travel company, though we have very authentic, innovative, creative and new ideas for inclusive tours, we need more customer awareness of our brand. We need more digital marketing techniques, website development, and effective visual presentation.

Tell us about a magical Myanmar moment you’ve had.

It was during our Chin Mountain Adventure trip by 4x4 wheel car. We had a great trekking tour to Chin tribal villages, had Chin khaung yay (alcohol from fermented rice) and Chin foods, swimming at Chi-Creek and singing songs that composed about Chin State. Chin State is stunning!!.

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