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200-foot-long bridge to be built with use of 100-year-old toddy tree trunks in upcountry region

Photo: BNA

An over-200-foot-long bridge will be built with use of 100-year-old toddy tree trunks across a creek between Yaysone Village in Kyaukpadaung Township and Ashaykon Village in Yaynanchaung Township in the upcountry region.   The project aims to enhance better transportation in the region for education and economic matters, and the local people have had difficulties to travel in the area due to strong flow and higher level of water in the creek in the rainy season.    “All the bridge parts will be made of 100-year-old toddy tree trunks. In this region, there are many ancient pagodas and some artifacts in bronze and iron ages could be observed as well.

That is one of our objectives why we, local people, are trying to build this bridge to preserve the heritage,” said Ko Myo Nyunt, who is one of the local people.   He added that after the project, local and foreign travellers could go and visit the ancient pagodas by bike. When the bridge has been built, some 30 villages in the area would have enjoyed better transportation since the residents of those villages have faced difficulties for travelling within the region for about 10 days due to the strong flow of water in the creek.

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By Lu Thit

He was with Myanmar publications The Ladies,  the People’s Wish and TOMORROW as a journalist. He has been  writing about changes of lifestyle, urban transportation, environment, and politics in Myanmar


  1. zachb2018-08-09 15:56:08

    Do you have the GPS coordinates for this bridge? Might help all those foreign and local tourists that they want to come

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