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Authorities to develop new travel destination connected with three places in Shan State and Mandalay Region

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The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is working on implementing a plan to develop a three new destinations schedule in Shan State and Mandalay Region to attract attention of local and foreign travellers according to the ministry.

The new destination plan includes Pyadah-Ling Caves having ancient wall paintings located 14 miles in the west of the town of Ywangan, a 100-year-old Haw Nan in Pyawhla, Pindaya Township, and Myogyi Dam in Ywangan Township. Currently, of them, two places have already won the attention of travellers.

Although the Pyadah-Lin Caves’ wall paintings have already attracted researchers, observers, the travellers who love the heritage, the authorities like to upgrade the destination plan with a project of Pyadh-Lin Caves Tourism Development to receive more arrivals of traversl.

“We have made a field survey on those places whether there might be a feasibility to develop a new destination of observing the wall paintings at Pyadah-Lin Caves and visiting the Haw Nan and dam,” said an official of Department of Hotels and Tourism.

The dam is located a mile north of Myogyi Village in southern Shan State and has a storage capacity of over 370000 acre-feet and 725 square-miles of watershed area, could generate 135.70 million kilowatt-hours annually and supply water for the enrichment of Meiktila Valley in the dry zone.

As the dam is located close to the township of Kyaukhse in Mandalay Region, there is a possibility of making a new connected destination for local and foreign travellers between Shan State and Mandalay Region.  

“I do not know about the Haw Nan in Pindaya much. As a Shan nationality, I would like to reserve Haw Nans with compounds and parks as original as they were in the past,” said Ko Hein, a Shan nationality who lives in Hsibaw.

Although the Haw Nan in Pindaya area has existed for over 100 years, there are some who do not know about it among the Shan ethic people. People including the locals gave comments saying that it was required to work on history and reservation of the Haw Nan if it would be developed as a new destination for travellers.    

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