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Collapsed Bagan pagoda to be preserved as advised by archeologists

Photo - MORAC

The ancient Pagoda No. 1066 which collapsed in the Bagan area on March 4 will be preserved and maintained as guided and advised by archeologists according to the Deputy Administrator of Nyaung U’s General Administration Department.

  “Parts of the pagoda that were maintained in 1996 have fallen down. What will happen next can be decided only after surveys by the experts. All the matters such as whether it should be maintained and how to maintain it etc will be carried out according to their advice,” he said.

It is a cave-type pagoda which was renovated in 1996 after it suffered damage from an earthquake in 1975.

The temple housing a Buddha image had cracks on its wall after the earthquake of 2016 and was on the third priority list of pagodas to be renovated.

The collapsed parts had been reconstructions from 1996 and the original parts of the pagoda still remain as original as the ancient days. Pagoda No. 1066 is located southwest of the Seinnyet Sisters Temple. Presently, access to the precinct of the pagoda is restricted, and visitors can study it only from outside the area.

Last January, Myanmar submitted an application for Bagan to be listed on UNESCO’s world heritage list.

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