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Pyinsa Rasa and TS1 bring top international artists to Yangon


The latest in the lineup of events held at Pyinsa Rasa’s art space in the historical Seretariat was opened on Wednesday last June 6th. A beast, a god and a line was curated by Cosmin Costinas and this is the exhibition’s third home after previously exhibiting in Dhaka and Hong Kong. The exhibition is made up of artwork of an esteemed international group of artists and features video installations, photography, drawing, textiles and more. For the Yangon exhibition, local artists Maung Day, Emily Phyo, Brang Li and Zoncy joined the lineup. 

The exhibition runs to June 19th at the Pyinsa Rasa art space in the Secretariat which is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

“This exhibition questioned how we should negotiate common ground in the context of the overall political and ideological fragmentation discussed above. How can an aesthetic basis for the language of contemporary art be maintained if the ideological bases of contemporary art are questioned? How can positions that claim disparate and conflicting genealogies sit together in a shared exhibition space? One tenuous leading line across the different aspects of this exhibition were textiles. A material and language common to different cultural spaces, textiles also have a firmly routed history in art, being possible sites for parallel processes of historiography.

Moreover, textiles hold a different position in negotiating relationships with places and contexts, in ways that the individual agency of artists escapes.”

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