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QR Code scanned audio presentation about some pagodas in Bagan available now


QR Code scan by mobile phone is available now for travellers at some pagodas in Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone to get an audio presentation on historical facts about the pagodas according to the Bagan Branch of Department of Archeology and Museums.Currently, the pagodas, where the QR Code scanned audio presentation is available,are Thatbyinnyu (Pagoda No. 1597), Thakyamuni (Pagoda No. 147), Gawdawpalin (Pagoda No. 1622), Pyathatgyi (Pagoda No. 803), Narathihapatae (Pagoda No. 535),Maha Bodhi (Pagoda No. 1678), Bulethee (Pagoda No. 394), Dhammarazika (Pagoda
No. 947), Thambula (Pagoda No. 482), Sulamani (Pagoda No. 748), Saytanagyi (Pagoda No.

987), Dhammayangyi (Pagoda No. 771), Ananda (Pagoda No. 2171), Kandawgyi (Pagoda No. 151), Shwegugyi ( Pagoda No. 1589), Shin Izza Gawna (Pagoda No. 588) , and Manuha (Pagoda No. 1240).
Once the QR Code is scanned by mobile phone, a presentation about each pagoda in English and Myanmar languages can be listened and likely be read as well. It is also learnt that there is a link in the QR Code to be able to download the scan application
from Google Play Store.The QR Code application is being crated jointly by Institute of Computer Science of Myanmar and National Electronic and Computer Technology Center of Thailand.

There is also a plan to update data from time to time for complete information on history of the
Bagan pagodas.

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