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River cruiser launches luxury travel line on the Ayeyarwady

River cruiser launches luxury travel line on the Ayeyarwady

Heritage Line’s Anawratha River Cruiser which was launched on March 1, will commence March 4, chugging upriver from Yangon on a journey to Bagan, according to the local newspaper, the Myanmar Times.The company has already been operating in Vietnam and Cambodia.At 65 metres long and 14 metres tall, the ship offers more cabin space with 23 cabins and accommodates 46 guests. It also sits just 1.1 metres deep into the water that would allow it to travel in shallow waters and varying seasons.The launch comes several months after the originally planned date of September 2015. Entirely built in Vietnam, where Heritage Line is based, the ship was floated to Yangon and arrived in mid-July 2015.

Guests can choose from a range of five-, seven-, eight- and even 12-day trips. The standard tourist destinations of Bagan and Mandalay are included on most, but other lesser-known stops are featured as well. Guests will have a chance to examine Kachin liquor distilleries in Shwegu and the old George Orwell residence in Katha.

The cheapest stateroom on the shortest cruise will run about US$4000, while the most luxurious suite – which has its own Jacuzzi on the balcony – costs $12,000

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