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State and Region Regatta races held

Photo - Sithu Lwin

A state and region regatta has been held for the year 2018 at the western part of Mandalay Royal Palace, upcountry Myanmar.

The two-day traditional boat races, which are held on October 27-28, are of 500 metres and 200 metres. The first take place today, while the latter did yesterday.

The races are categorised into three for both men and women competitors. The competition groups, which are classified as five-rower, seven-rower and 10-mixed rower, compete eagerly and rigourously.

“The races are organised to achieve three aims: To come up with a new generation of regatta rowers and to enhance the public interest in sporting regatta, not to mention to raise the awareness of the people’s healthy lifestyles,” said Dr Zaw Myint Maung, prime minister of Mandalay Region.

Such regatta races had been consecutively held by Myanmar Rowing & Canoeing Federation, said the prime minister, adding that the traditional boat races of the Mandalay’s Prime Minister Trophy began at the Mandalay royal lake in 2014.

The 4th Myanmar National Sports Tournament organised a traditional sporting regatta in 2015. The year 2016 saw the state and region regatta sport launched at the Mandalay moat in 2016.

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Sithu Lwin is a freelance writer and a photographer, having worked for the Myanmar Consolidated Media Co. Ltd for 15 years. He has ever written many news articles and travel features, a lot of stories on government business and urban affairs for the company's flagship newspaper The Myanmar Times. As well, Sithu Lwin wrote about food and drugs for both English and Myanmar editions of the paper. On the sideline, he worked as a photographer for Now magazine, another publication of the media company, coming up with photographs of models' activities and art events for it. Based in Mandalay, he was also a staff member with the distribution unit of the company, before he jumped on the bandwagon of its editorial team in early 2011.


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