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International travellers and local visitors alike want to enjoy the night life of Mandalay while visiting the city and so do I, but on a recent trip to scope out the scene, I found it to be totally unlike Yangon. Mandalay has more beer stations and fewer bars. Most of the bars are closed early at night (around 11pm) so night life seems to have very limited options. At the same time I decided to check out the spa and relaxation options around the city and was impressed by how many spas there are in Mandalay.Here, I mention each bar and spa with a little brief of my EXPERIENCE.

Innwa Health & Spa
After a long day travelling, my friend took me to the brand new spa called ‘Innwa’ and the building was really big, luxurious and very clean.

I thought that place might be really expensive because of the decoration but when I checked the menu I was surprised by the very reasonable prices. We choose to have aromatherapy oil massages (1.5 hour) for 25,000Ks. They prepared to open this spa for a year and had a free soft opening last August. The owner desired to promote Myanmar cultural massage style so she carefully planned every single detail from staff uniforms to slipper and other little decorations. The staffs are trained very well and treatments provided are professional.

You can take a shower before your massage. We felt so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. Their massage was so good and totally hit the spot. The service is really great and staff is not talkative. Also on the menu is hair washing, body treatments and spa, foot massage and cleaning and nail painting. They also sell some costmetics. Innwa Health and Spa is located on 72ndStreet, between 28 and 29 Street.

The Rock Gastro Bar
The Rock Gastro Bar is a brand new bar in Mandalay and it really feels like a rock scene. The decoration is really impressive with photos on the walls of some legends like Bob Marley and electronic guitars too. There is a rock atmosphere and they play oldies rock songs all through the night.  The bar has a good selection of beers and I ordered a large Heineken with grilled pork neck salad (5,500Ks) and seafood tempura (5,500Ks). The beer is super cold and the foods are average. Bar has a long menu to choose from for both food and cocktails with very reasonable prices. They also have an upstairs with some private rooms for groups of friends. Foosball and billiard tables are available.  It’s located on Zawtika Road, between 32 and 33 Street and 77 and 78 Street.

Moon Angel Beauty Spa

I spent my last night in Mandalay at this place ‘Moon Angel Spa’ to have a body mud scrub. This spa only serves female customers and is located on the 30th Street, between 58th and 59th Street.They have different packages and I chose a jasmine rice body scrub and mask. This package already included sauna time and water therapy. The staff is really young, active and friendly. It is clean and the decoration is really feminine. Everything was nicely arranged. My member of staff let me know which things to expect and it took about 2 hours in total. The result was amazing and my skin was smooth and bright and I felt relaxed. It is really worth a try. They have other services like eye, hair, foot and facial treatments and the special service of shop is hair waxing. You can remove every kind of hair including Brazilian waxing service. The prices are not too expensive.

Sabai Thai Reflexology

This Thai style family Spa is located on the 70th street, between 28th and 29th Street. The spa is not really a big one but it’s busy with customers. It mainly gives services like foot massages and Thai style body massage. They used their own mix for massage oils and the staff was trained by a therapist from Thailand. A one hour foot massage for 7,000Ks was really great. Reflexology in a quiet environment, great service, lovely smells and you have a truly relaxing experience.

GN’Y 27 Bar & Restaurant

I stayed in Mandalay for two nights and on the first evening I went to the GN’Y 27 bar which is located on 27 Street, between 65 and 66 Street. Honestly, I didn’t know how to get there and I didn’t understand the road map of Mandalay so I had to ask a local friend to drop me off there. At around 7pm the city was quiet but the bar was busy with a couple of tables. There are two seating options – outside or inside – and I choose inside because of the tables full of men outside. The atmosphere of the bar was really quite, with comfortable seating and its decoration was more like coffee shop. They have Heineken and Tiger draft beer at reasonable prices but I chose their signature cocktail the ‘Rainbow’ cocktail. The cocktail design is really interesting and the taste is really good, after one cup I started to feel a little tipsy so if you want to be drunk only two cups of Rainbow cocktail is enough. The service is great but it takes a little long to get your order. Western, Chinese and Thai food is served at the restaurant and you can get a variety of coffees here. Prices range from 2,000 to 10,000Ks.

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